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I'm Julia and I'm one half of the team behind living HEL. 

I always knew I wanted to live outside of my home country for a longer period of time but did I expect to move to Finland? No, absolutely not. The spark ignited when I first visited Helsinki during the summer of 2020. I felt right at home and fell in love with the city, the people in it and in more general terms the Finnish way of life.

I love great food and wine, I listen to music constantly (everything that requires you to wear black is for me) and I enjoy spending as much time as possible outside no matter the weather. 



I’m Philipp and I’m the other half of the team behind living HEL. I thought I wanted to stay in my little corner of Berlin-Kreuzberg for the rest of my life, navigating my triangle of office, corner pub, and kebab stand. But with age comes perspective and I felt a need for more nature in my life, and for a smaller city, that yet covers my tastes when it comes to culture and activities.

For years, my friends called me “heritage hipster” as an insult, but I have come to accept it as a true description: I like old things, I like mechanical things, I like classic cars, craft beer, vinyl records, that very special piece of furniture where there’s a story about the designer and how it all was created.


Morris & Cleo

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